Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Do not adjust your set

There are a few changes around the site today. Some of them intentional, others not. Photobucket who hosted a lot of our pictures crashed and recently got back up. So that's why you might have seen a lot of broken images here and there and a different logo above. But it looks like they sorted it out so we are back up to speed.

The intentional change is the removal of the tagboard because it was just turning into the spamboard. We would still like to have a spot where folks can quickly put up news and thoughts, so we are considering other options. If you have any suggestions for future features on this site write them in the comments below. We welcome all Woodie feedback!

For one thing, I think we should offer a John Barrowman TV Appearances calendar widget, which will give you up-to-the minute updates on what new shows he has managed to squeeze into his schedule.
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