Sunday, March 11, 2007

Who's Got The Cake?!?

For anybody who didn't know, today's John Barrowman's birthday. So, I thought it would be a great opportunity (sans any real news) to celebrate the man who put "innuendo" in, erm... "innuendo". That little aside there, didn't really work did it...?


But anyways! Happy Birthday John! It's strange to think that the good old Captain is 40 years old today (and certainly not looking it!). The man, who's had a varied career from stage, screen and lottery presenting has a cult following on the internet - so if you fans want to leave him a message of support, feel free to do just that in the comments section below.

If anybody's not familiar with John's work outside of Doctor Who and Torchwood, and would like to learn more there's two great resources at your disposal. John's wikipedia page has a detailed history of his life so far (including his numerous West End / Broadway appearences) - and (the star's official page) keeps you up to date on all the latest jb news.

Have a great day John. After all the work you've done recently on Doctor Who season three, and Torchwood too, you deserve it. Oh, and remember when blowing out that birthday cake - and being daunted at the sight of 40 candles lay out before you:

Life begins at 40 - so have a fantastic time...
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