Sunday, April 08, 2007

Little Beauties

The latest issue of SFX Magazine isn't supposed to be out until next Wednesday, but cos I'm a subscriber I've snook an early copy - and it's an action packed read. If you're one of a million spidey-fans currently awaiting Spider Man 3 then you're in for a treat, as half the magazine is devoted to that particular film.

Elsewhere there's the annual "SFX Reader Awards", which sees Doctor Who run away with most of the top prizes (including "best show") - but Torchwood does manage to get one over on it's parent show, because John Barrowman beats the likes of David Tennant, Lost's Josh Holloway and Serenity's Nathan Fillion to win 2006's "Sexiest Man" award. An achievement a lot of Woodies would agree he deserves...

Sadly Eve Myles comes a lowly fourth in the "Sexiest Woman" poll, which is kinda surprising. And there's no sign of Naoko Mori or (shockingly) Indira Varma at all! What were you guys thinking when you voted?!? Still, what red blooded male would argue with Claudia Black topping the poll? She's the reason why millions of fanboys stuck by Stargate SG1 in its final post-Anderson years!

The magazine also features a 'wishlist' for season two - a survey of SFX readers on what they want to see from 2008's Torchwood season. In reverse order, here's a list of what readers said (and check out, in contrast, the season one survey from 2006):

5: Bring Back Bilis

4: A proper story arc

3: Less sex and swearing

2: Character reshuffles

1: Improved writing

Do you disagree with the results of the reader poll? Let us know in the comments section below, by telling the world what you loved or hated about Torchwood season one. You can catch SFX Magazine issue 156 in shops this Wednesday, priced a modest £3.99.

Happy reading!
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