Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Man They Call Colin

One of the writers over at has a rather exciting week ahead of him - for some time next week "peter pan" is set to interview a friend of his, who goes by the name of Colin Teague. You might have heard of him...

Colin directed two Torchwood episodes ("Ghost Machine" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts") as well as the pilot episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures". At the moment he's busy editing away at the season three finale of Doctor Who - which features John Barrowman as Captain Jack, and introduces a strange MP known only as "Mr. Saxon"...

If you've got any questions for Colin ahead of peter-pan's interview, email them to me here and I'll pass hem on. You never know, if yours is good enough and is selected you could very well find it being answered by Colin Teague himself!

Remember to keep questions relevant to Colin's episodes, and please, no sneaky Doctor Who questions. The BBC would rather kill him than let spoilers for those particular episodes slip out! The interview will be posted online, on these very pages, real soon.

Get writing and good luck!
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