Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spilling the Beans?

Little bit of a news catch-up now, following a few days where I've had a nasty stomach bug. According to the official John Barrowman site, the star is set to appear on ITV 1's talk show "Loose Women" (once again!) on Friday 27th April. That's a handful of days before Torchwood resumes filming - who knows, John may reveal a few naughty season two spoilers. Or not, as the case may be!


Elsewhere, Eve Myles is interviewed on the BBC's "Belonging" website, ahead of the seventh series launch Monday @ 10:35pm on BBC 1 Wales. The star rumbles through a set of women's underwear (don't ask!) to answer several questions sent in by members of the audience. Her answers include the revelation that she'd happily enjoy being invisable inside the shower room of Wales' Rugby team...

Stephen James Walker's "INSIDE THE HUB" book, exploring the making of Torchwood's first season, has now been released in book stores across the land. It's an incredibly detailed read, and no dedicated Woodie can afford to be without it. You can order the book from here, or direct from Telos Publishers here. Readers in the USA can order from Alien Entertainment.

There's still no new news on the proposed Torchwood season one DVD - which has annoyed the hell out of a lot of you, because you've put off buying the individual releases in the hope of an extras-packed boxset. I've sent an email to 2Entertain and when (or indeed if) I hear back off of them I'll report my findings to you lovely people here.

Don't forget your chance to pose questions to director Colin Teague.

I'm out of here. Adios amigos.
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