Friday, May 18, 2007

Clippy Clippy!

According to the official BBCi Doctor Who site, when John Barrowman appears on tonight's edition of "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" not only will he be talking about his return to Doctor Who next month, but he'll have an exclusive clip from episode eleven "Utopia" (Jack's first episode of the new series) to show to us willing Whovians / Woodies.

It'll be your first chance to see brand new footage of Captain Jack following his 'kidnap' in "End of Days". Wonder what he's been getting up to...? Well, it is Captain Jack - so you can probably go figure!

Jonathan Ross' chat show begins tonight @ 10:35pm on BBC One. It's repeated tomorrow evening on BBC Two. Check listings for broadcast time.

UPDATE: You can now watch the clip online here at
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