Monday, May 21, 2007

Torchwood Hits Australia

I've had various emails over the last couple of days confirming that Australia's Channel 10 has started airing televisual advertisments for Torchwood. They include the tagline "Captain Jack is coming!" - but spoil the end of "Everything Changes", so spoilerphobes beware!

Though no date has been fixed for the series launch on the network, a mid-June launch is likely.

Keep a look out in local listing magazines for updates on broadcast dates.


Grace said...

Has anyone posted the Australian ads on Youtube yet? I'd really like to see them.

grace said...

Thanks for the link! :) The voice over lady has a nice voice! Makes me wish Tegan was less screechy and more like that.

Anonymous said...

Today is the Memorial Day holiday in the US (do you celebrate the same holiday in the UK?) and BBC America is doing a Doctor Who marathon--and I just saw a Torchwood commercial! How exciting is that? Saturdays in September! Woo-Hoo!!