Friday, May 04, 2007

Filming in a Field!

ICWales has just posted an interesting report that the Torchwood team have spent the last couple of days filming on a sports field near to Sully:

A south Wales field was the setting for the continuing battle against alien threats this week.

The playing field at the BP Sports and Social Club, Sully, with its impressive views over the Bristol Channel, was turned over to the people behind Doctor Who TV spin-off Torchwood.

A film crew left yesterday after spending several sunny days at the venue filming the latest episodes of the science fiction show.

A wag at the club joked: 'It's been good fun. Next week we've got Superman here and if you look closely you'll see Spiderman clinging to the wall.'

This contradicts a few reports I've been given saying that when The Sarah Jane Adventures is filming outside, then Torchwood will be inside working on interior shots. But this indicates otherwise, s both series were out and about yesterday. Perhaps the case may be that both series can't film inside at the same time - otherwise they'd be chaos at Upper Boat!

If you see filming taking place (lucky you!) then you can report back to us here.

In other news, Gareth David Lloyd is apparently devising a play aimed at school children. It deals with the theme of binge drinking. Gareth admits to a personal tragedy surrounding binge drinking, and that's his key motivation in writing the play. It's called "Wrecked" and is being performed by Coleg Gwent Crosskeys drama students, for year 10 pupils in the regions secondary schools.

More season two updates when they become available to us.
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