Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Torchwood's New Era

Another update from this month's Doctor Who Magazine, which I've now picked up in town. In his "Production Notes" column, Russell T Davies writes about the Torchwood tone meeting that took place at Upper Boat on Thursday 5th April:

"Our first Tone Meeting of the new series. Lordy God! Which means it's an epic, discussing everything from scratch - clothes, hair, dialogue, Hub, the New Corridor, SUV, the lot. ("How come Jack Bauer's earpiece is invisable, but Torchwood's are huge?") Let alone the actual scripts, which demand the recreation of a certain twentieth-century period, as well as... well, that would be telling, but it's not an era we've tackled before. I'm not sure anyone has! All very exciting..."

Just when this mysterious time period may be is anybody's guests. Answers on a postcard please!

There's also a look at Chris Chibnall's first ever 'Who episode, titled - simply - "42". The writer reveals that this episode is indeed set in real time, and that Michelle Collins is magnificent throughout. "She plays McDonnell" Torchwood's head writer reveals, "A strong, tough woman, so the role needed an actress you believed could lead a crew".

"42" has been postponed a fell week because of the Eurovision Song Contest. You can now catch it on BBC One on Saturday 19th May. Hang in there, not long until Captain Jack's return in "Utopia" now...

You can pick up DWM issue 382 at newsagents now, priced £3.99.

UPDATE: John Barrowman's official site confirms that the star will be appearing on this weekend's Saturday Kitchen, alongside chef James Martin, from 10am. Might be a great opportunity for John to give us some season two gossip...
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