Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Just a little filming update for you folk now. The Torchwood production team were today down at the The Millers Tavern, in Riverside (just off the junction between Cathedral Road and Lower Cathedral Road, apparently) filming scenes for a forthcoming episode of Torchwood's second year (episode unknown).*

As you can see from the above snaps - look through the windows - it appears that at least one member of the Torchwood team (possibly Ianto - judging by that snappy white shirt and waistcoat number) gets some down time during the series, and finds time to play a little game of what us Brits like to call snooker.

No doubt Captain Jack would have a lot to say about Ianto (or whoever it turns out to be) shooting balls into a table's pockets. Innuendo. Innuendo. Innuendo!
*Picture credits to Brian_Damage over at OutpostGallifrey - thanks!
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