Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shiny Happy David

A few months ago we bid adieu to Dreamwatch Magazine, a publication that started way back in the 1980's as "Doctor Who Bulletin" - an alternative to Doctor Who Monthly. DWB, later retitled and rebranded as simply "Dreamwatch Magazine", wasn't afraid to criticise the then current Doctor Who production team; in particular John Nathan Turner.

Years later, and Dreamwatch lost its way a little and following its sale to a corporate business became a little bland, and scared to say what it really felt. March's issue 150 proved to be the final nail in the coffin and the magazine bowed out (dis)gracefully. The magazine's editorial team remains though, online - ready to satisfy all our science-fictiony needs.

DWSci-Fi (the current incarnation of Dreamwatch) is now online (and has been for a couple of months), and has posted an interview with John Barrowman - a few weeks ahead of his return to Doctor Who in the eleventh episode of the current third season "Utopia". Highlights of the interview include a look ahead to Torchwood season two, and John's opinions on both David Tennant and former co-star turned invisable man Christopher Eccleston:

"David's a lot happier! I enjoyed working with Chris, and he was the man who put Doctor Who back on the map, but David's happier in himself. I go out to eat with David, and I see him quite often, whereas Chris was very quiet, and I didn't see very much of him off set. I think he's in a happier place now he's playing the invisible man! A nice guy, but very quiet and very different from David."

And a little Torchwood gossip doesn't go amiss either. John spills the beans on all the latest Hub happenings; "I've just been sent the breakdown for the first few episodes and there's a couple of surprises. I know the storylines for most of the series now, and certain things are going to change. It will be coloured very differently and will bring a lot of the humour back to Captain Jack."

Thanks to all the guys and gals over at DWSF for the interview (which you can read in full here)
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