Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What A Moran

Although I've yet to pick it up (work commitments come first) I'm told that the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine contains a list of all the writers of Doctor Who's fourth season. Yes, there's a handful of Russell T Davies stories. Yep, Steven Moffat helms a two parter (party on aisle one!). And James Moran is writing his first episode for the series. Hang on... James Who?

That's exactly what I thought, before I typed his name into Google and discovered that he wrote the British horror film Severance. He has his own blog too, "the pen is mightier than the spork", which I immediately read. And you're asking yourself where all this is leading right? Well, Moran's blog reveals something interesting...

He's writing an episode of Torchwood!

"...what about Secret TV Thing? Well, that is Torchwood, the spin-off of Who, which I'm also doing an episode of. Got the TW gig in December, and just handed in the latest draft, although there'll be more tweaks right up until filming, which starts this weekend sometime. I only got the Who gig 3 weeks ago, so it's all still shiny and new and not quite real yet. I've been doing TW for a few months now, so am more relaxed and calm about it. Until Friday, when the handsome actors will do a read-through and possibly look at me, making me feel all nervous and unattractive."

James has been hinting for a couple of weeks now about this Torchwood script - so you'll find some cyrptic clues about his story by reading through his last few posts!

You can catch up with James' blog by clicking here. If you're reading Mr. Moran - congratulations on the gig, and lets hope your Torchwood episode proves to be mighty fine!
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