Friday, June 29, 2007

Changing Faces

This month's Doctor Who Magazine has been released, and contains a quick update on the Torchwood front. It confirms the running order of the show's second season, as well as the casting of Nikki Amuka-Bird in James Moran's untitled episode two. A full rundown of what we know about the series order can be seen below:

EP 1 (Untitled) - Written by Chris Chibnall; Directed by Ashley Way
EP 2 (Untitled) - Written by James Moran; Directed by Colin Teague
EP4 (Untitled) - Written by Catherine Tregenna; Directed by Colin Teague
EP 6 (Untitled) - Written by JC Wilsher; Directed by Ashley Way

There's also episodes by Helen Raynor and another by Catherine Tregenna that form part of production Block One (directed by Andy Goddard). It's not known where they feature in the episode run. No news on Russell T Davies supposed script for the series - but it's possible that it's been postponed indefinately. We'll update when more news comes in.

Elsewhere, and Britain's tabloid newspaper "The Mirror" has run a story about the future of Doctor Who, and Torchwood too. If true it could *possibly* spoil elements of tomorrow's Doctor Who finale - so only click on this link if you're willing to be spoiled (in which case, shame on you!)
Could be an interesting prospect for Torchwood, don't you think?
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