Sunday, July 01, 2007

Who'd Have Thought?

The third season of Doctor Who may well be over; but before its departure it gave us all a very cool - if not entirely unexpected - watercooler moment. Anybody who has yet to see "Last of the Time Lords" is advised to look away now, as the rest of this post contains spoilers about the latest 'Who finale.

Captain Jack has once again departed from Doctor Who, only this time by his own choosing. Jack was dropped off in Cardiff city where the Doctor 'fixed' his vortex manipulater to ensure that Jack now remains without the abilty to time travel. Then, after a final salute, Jack waled away - before revealing his old Time Agency nickname to be... wait for it... The Face of Boe!

Boe's reaccured throughout the first three years of Doctor Who, notably in the "New Earth" trilogy. In 2005 Russell T Davies wrote a prophecy about Boe in the "Monsters and Villains" book, and revealed that upon his death Boe would reveal a secret to the Doctor ('the stranger without a home') In this year's "Gridlock" the prophecy finally came true as Boe died and imparted the message "You are not alone" upon the Doctor.

If Jack really is the Face of Boe it kinda seals his Torchwood fate; the character will never die. At least, not for another 5 billion years when he'll come to resemble a twisted version of Jackie Stallone. Guess we'll have to wait and see if the link between Jack and Boe proves true...

Back to "Last of the Time Lords" and it's goodbye Martha Jones, at least for the time being. The character is expected to return to Doctor Who next year for occassional guest appearences - and according to Thursday's Daily Mirror she'll crop up in episodes of Torchwood too. Look out for an official announcement on the fate of Martha Jones tomorrow lunch time.

And that was that. As the Doctor sat in his TARDIS and watched the Titanic crash through its walls we wish both the Doctor and Captain Jack a big farewell, until their returns in 2008. Torchwood season two begins post-Christmas, in January - and 13 weeks later leads into Doctor Who's expected March launch. In the meantime, we've got "The Sarah Jane Adventures" to savour when it begins its run in September this year.

Enjoy your Sunday folks; and let the countdown for 2008 begin now.
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