Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Here Comes The Master

I've always respected Newsround's Lizo; a grown man who willingly admits to loving Harry Potter (just like me infact). Together the two of us might just implode with anticipation before July 21st, when the seventh - and final - Harry Potter book ("...and the Deathly Hallows") is released. We're Harry Potter geeks through and through.

We also, generally, share the same tastes when it comes to Doctor Who. Every week I agree with pretty much everything that Lizo says in his Newsround reviews of the upcoming episode - and though I wouldn't give "Utopia" a full five out of five, I would say Lizo was spot on with his review. Which makes me all the more excited following his review/preview of this week's forthcoming episode, "The Sound of Drums"...

So says Lizo himself:
This episode is powered along by a brilliant performance from John Simm as The Master. He's a fantastic villain because he's like The Doctor in so many ways - he's hyper-intelligent, and bounds around the screen with just as much energy as his Time Lord rival.

And what makes him so scary as an enemy is that he's the first person we've met who you can really imagine being able to defeat The Doctor, because he's easily the Time Lord's equal.

The story provides lots of answers that have come up throughout the series - how The Master ended up trillions of years in the future, the origins of Mr Saxon, even what The Doctor's home planet actually looks like. But it also ends up asking even more questions - what does the mysterious drumming mean, and what's The Master really up to?

What The Sound of Drums does beautifully is to draw together so many unexpected threads from earlier in the series. And it shows how cleverly chief writer Russell T. Davies has woven together the different strands to reward viewers who've followed the series faithfully.
Looks like Lizo likes. And it looks like we're in for a right royal treat this coming Saturday night - so book your seats behind the sofa now, because the Master is back; and he's coming to get you. Each and every one of you. Oh yes, even you.

Not Lizo though... He likes his Harry Potter scoops.
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