Monday, June 18, 2007

Remember Ianto?

In all this fuss about Captain Jack returning to WHO we overlooked the latest activities of the man who keeps the whole Hub operation running smoothly. Gareth David-Lloyd has added another event to his convention schedule this summer, Collectormania: Glasgow. The two-day event will be held at the Braehead Shopping Centre starting on Saturday, August 25th.

As previously noted GDL will also be appearing at the Bad Wolf Convention in Birmingham which is now scheduled for the weekend of July 21st. Joining him from Torchwood at the huge event will be Murray Melvin who played Billis and Owen Teale the baddy in Countrycide.

Many of you were lucky enough to see and hear him at an event in Telford a few months ago. He granted an interview to The Sci-Fi Guys at that convention and they have now included it in their latest podcast, available here. Zip forward to about the one hour mark in the MP3 to hear Ianto speak about Torchwood and the infamous stopwatch.

With all the coverage of the Australian launch of Torchwood in the press there, we are getting a new surge in Woodie visitors from down under. Welcome to the site, sorry we had to start without you, but it shouldn't take you too long to get caught up.
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