Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here's One I Made Earlier...

John Barrowman's appearence on last night's Blue Peter (or Who Peter as it nicknamed itself) went well, even if the star was stuck inside a garden shed (!) with Gethin Jones (!!) making a TARDIS playset out of old junk (!!!). John did divulge a few nuggets of information regarding his return to Doctor Who though; primarily that Captain Jack gets himself a TARDIS key and as Kurly observes in an earlier post "frequent fliers" privledges.


Talking of John Barrowman, the star will be co-hosting this year's London Gay Pride festivities in Trafalgar Square along with Maria/Joseph alumni Graham Norton. The festival kicks off the weekend that "Last of the Time Lords" hits our screens; but gay Whovians should worry not! OutpostGallifrey reports that organisers of the Gay Pride event have arranged for a giant plasma screen to be placed at the side of the stage - so gay fans need not miss out!

John will be taking to members of the audience, and answering questions about his time on both Doctor Who and Torchwood. Wonder if anybody will plauck up the courage to ask Graham Norton about his own Doctor Who 'cameo' role in "Rose"...?

Elsewhere, and it's hotting up down under. Perhaps I should rephrase that? Ah, what the hell, this is Torchwood - it can handle the innuendo! Australian Woodies are being exposed to a good number of Torchwood related newspaper articles right now. None are more high profile than this, from the Sunday Telegraph, which comments on how Torchwood will air not on ABC (the traditional home of Australian 'Who) but on Ten instead. Australia; are you wooded up yet?

Of course as all this is going on the build up to Jack's return in "Utopia" continues apace here in the UK. Yesterday lunch time the official Doctor Who BBCi site was updated with all sorts of "Utopia" related stuff; including some Jack wallpaper! You can see the full content of the episode guide by clicking here.

Lizo, the resident Harry Potter fan over at Newsround - CBBC's children news - has seen "Utopia" already (lucky him) and can't rave enough about it! He gives the episode a full five out of five; which is great considering Lizo hasn't give any episode this year full marks. Is he feeling generous, or has he really missed Captain Jack that much?!
After the fabulously enjoyable terror of last week's episode Blink, it's hard to imagine how this year's series could get much better.

That is until you watch Utopia - an outstanding story even by Doctor Who standards, with the surprising arrival of someone from The Doctor's past...

I started the episode in my usual position - sitting in front of the TV, notebook and pen in hand. By the last few minutes I was up and hopping from foot to foot with sheer excitement.
Shame the Radio Times review isn't as great. The reviewer calls Utopia a really 'clunker' and comments that aside from Derek Jacobi's performance, it's only worth its salt because a magnificent ending. Wonder what that could be... *awkward side glance*

The Radio Times redeems itself though by having a John Barrowman / Russell T Davies interview at the front of the magazine. The pair talk about Jack's return and how he deals with a number of his ';issues' now that he's back with the Doctor. To round off the pair inform us that Jack will be a happier bunny in Torchwood season two.

Utopia's coming folks. Two days to go...
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