Saturday, June 23, 2007

Introducing Mister Saxon...

In tonight's episode of Doctor Who ("The Sound of Drums") the whole of Britain falls for the charm of one MP. Forget Tony Blair or Gordon Brown, in the NuWhoniverse the name on everyone's lips is - of course - Harold Saxon. His name has been appearing in both Doctor Who and Torchwood (there's a Saxon poster in "Captain Jack Harkness") for almost a year; and at last tonight the trap he's prepared throughout time and space begins to snap shut...
"The Sound of Drums" sees the Doctor and Martha, accompanied by Captain Jack Harkness, investigate Saxon and his deadly plans for planet Earth. Russell T Davies calls tonight (the second of a three parter) truly "epic" in scale, and compares it to an espionage adventure. There's rumours of old friends returning, and hints that we'll learn something shocking about Captain Jack.

Whatever you do tonight you can't afford to miss "The Sound of Drums". It airs on BBC One at 7:15pm, and is repeated tomorrow at 8pm on sister channel (and former Torchwood home) BBC Three. Why not discuss the episode here and tell us how you think the third season of Doctor Who will end next week?

Afterwards there's a chance to see John Barrowman on Doctor Who Confidential - which this week is a special focusing on 35 years of the Doctor's arch nemesis, the Master! And don't forget that John Barrowman is also a guest on the new BBC One panel show "Would I Lie To You?" at 10pm. Set those VCRs now!
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