Friday, July 20, 2007

Party on Garth!

In lieu of any other news, there is an interesting article to point you to today from Hollywood Today. It details Garth Ancier's new directives and plans for BBC America. Up until now the channel has mostly consisted of reruns of decades-old BBC fair. The new president hopes to soon get the best new BBC shows up and running on BBCA within weeks or days of their original broadcasts in the UK.

Starting in September each night will have a theme, Saturday as we know will be Supernatural Saturday and contain Torchwood and Jekyll. Garth announced Mondays will be crime, Tuesday will be cars, Wednesdays are wicked and glamorous, Thursdays will be reality, and crime scene on Fridays. No mention of what Sundays will be, I'm hoping for Snooker Sundays!

This weekend is the Bad Wolf Convention in Birmingham featuring Gareth David Lloyd and other Torchwood guests. We hope to hear updates from anyone attending, maybe one of you can persuade GDL to reveal if James Marsters will be joining in and using the Hub's stopwatch this year.
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