Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bring on the Laughs!

"The first episode of Series Two is rip-roaring," Torchwood creator Russell T Davies tells Benjamin Cook in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, "It's the sexiest adventure we've ever done, and Chris Chibnall's finest hour. I know there are certain sections of fandom who'd love us to say, 'We've completely revamped it, and reinvented all of the characters,' but we haven't, actually."

"We like those five characters," Russell continues, "We love that cast; there are still no two-parters in it, we're keeping one-off stories each week, some sad, some funny, some lively, but a general sense of fun. Why don't they have more of a laugh?"

Elsewhere, and the news section confirms that episode 7 of the new series will be written by Matt Jones, who previously wrote "The Satan Pit" for Doctor Who's second season. The eighth episode will be written by Big Finish stalwart Joseph Lidster. Both episodes are currently untitled, and will be directed by Andy Goddard.

There's also a neat interview with production designer Edward Thomas, who talks about the challenges of filming Torchwood in HD. The man also talks us through the design process behind the stunning Hub set, but - sadly - doesn't offer us any teasers about what to expect from the series' second year. Shame on him!

As usual, you can pick up the latest Doctor Who Magazine at news stands now priced £3.99.

Also, another official Torchwood website is up for your amusement. BBCAmerica now has a Torchwood Section.
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