Monday, August 27, 2007

American Dreamer

There's an interesting interview with executive producer Julie Gardner over at the Sci-Fi Newswire site. In it, Gardner talks about the influence of American series (like Buffy, CSI and the X Files) on the Torchwood series. When you stop and think about it, it's all kinda obvious really - that alleyway scene from "Everything Changes" is just a supernatural take on the CSI mythos. You can read Julie's interview here.

Elsewhere, and John Barrowman is the latest Doctor Who celebrity to be interviewed by iF Magazine. In his (rather short) conversation, Barrowman drops a few hints about what to expect from season two, and how he keeps well away from the writers of the show; choosing instead to let them develop his character anyway they choose. The interview can be found here.

In other news, this year's DragonCon convention in Atlanta will not only have a James Marsters Q&A session, but a full Torchwood panel too! Says the program: "The jury is still out in fandom on this Doctor Who spin-off. It CSI Cardiff, a revamp of the X-Files or something else completely different? One thing is certain; the people sure love John Barrowman. Join the Brit Track as they look at the stories and characters that make this such an interesting and sometimes divisive program. There also will be a preview of the 2nd season; Sunday 2:30pm"

If anybody's heading down there, be sure to let us know what exactly goes down by emailing us at the usual address.
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