Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bump in the Night

It was all going so well and all; not only is today pay day, but I'd got back home in record time and was listening to one of my all time favourite tunes - Toto's Africa - when the bad news hit, and I must admit that it came as a little bit of a shock - Australia's Network 10 has bumped Torchwood from its primetime position, and demoted it to a lowly Tuesday midnight slot.

The network have a reputation in dumping shows, like Battlestar Galactica and Veronica Mars, mid series if they're not performing well in the ratings. So far Torchwood had managed to pull quite reasonable, average ratings - but even that, it appears, hasn't been enough to say it from a time slot move to a graveyard shift.

It's time Australian Woodies rallied around and saved Torchwood!


GentleZephyr said...

I can't believe it! *shrieks*

After suffering through the interminable rubbish that was the Big Brother Final (which ran over by a whole hour) Channel Ten has the gaul to do this! It's an outrage. And why? Torchwood might not be a ratings blockbuster, but at least it's consistent - and new - and most likely better than any rubbish they put in its place.

There's only a handful of shows on Australian free-to-air that I really enjoy watching and now half of them are pushing the midnight timeslot. It just makes you want to cry, sometimes.

Thank god for DVD!

Anonymous said...

Are you *really* surprised, Zephyr? I've been expecting this from Channel 10 rretty much since it first announced that it was airing Torchwood... and that it was going on at 9:30pm.

Damn you for ruining all the good shows, Channel 10.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I heard Channel 10 had Torchwood AND it would be screened after Big Brother I knew it was the kiss of death.
All Australians know that anything scifi/paranormal or fantasy always ends up in the middle of the night timeslot.
Aussie commerical TV seems to be fixated on reality and quiz shows and its such a shame good quality shows like Torchwood and V Mars dont get a chance. We can only hope it gets picked up by Foxtel the Aussie cable network and at least some people will get to see it.
Thank goodness for dvds or I would never get to see any good UK series.
Its pointless ringing the network, you only get the usual story 'disappointing decision...etc etc'

Love the website, keep up the good work

An Aussie TW/DW fan.

Anonymous said...

Torchwood just doesn't work on 10 because of the advertisement cut-through. Even the original timeslot was lousy. And they did nothing by way of really promoting what they had. Why, oh, why did ABC not pick it up!!!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Knew this would happen - and I knew we DEFINATELY wouldn't get series 2! I guess I will just add this to my DVD collection like all the other brilliant shows our crappy Oz tv channels purchase and never use...thank god for cable.

Anonymous said...

And they wonder why so many more people are downloading shows !?

Anonymous said...

Channel 10 have done it again!! They are total idiots - they wouldn't know a good TV series if it bit them on the ass!! Torchwood was the best show airing on 10 - it was gutsy and didn't pull any punches. I couldn't wait to see each episode. Channel 10 you suck!!!!

Anonymous said...

torchwood is an awesome show and it's been the only show i've looked forward to each week and religiously watched (well, for the whole five weeks it was on...) I'm devastated it has been bumped but have already made the first steps to buy the first three discs on ebay. DAMN channel 10 and their lousy australian idol crappy shows.... *grrr*