Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No More Suzie

There's an interesting interview with Julie Gardner, Executive Producer on both Doctor Who and Torchwood, over on the iF Magazine website. In it, Miss Gardner talks about what we can expect come 2008 in both shows - and what not to expect too...

iF: Any chance of the Suzie Costello character coming back again on TORCHWOOD?

GARDNER: Suzie, no. No more Suzie. She died quite a lot in season one, so I think we’ve brutalized her more than enough.

Julie does confirm some interesting rumours surrounding James Marster's character though:

iF: James Marsters is on TORCHWOOD this season as well?

GARDNER: He was in Cardiff, and has been quite an exciting time for Cardiff recently. James Marsters was there for TORCHWOOD; Kylie Minogue is there for DOCTOR WHO. Cardiff has been quite exciting.

iF: James posted on his online blog that people might get a little excited about his interaction with John Borrowman?

GARDNER: Yeah, they’re a sexy couple. James Marsters’ character explains some secrets and things about Captain Jack’s past.

Sounds like James could well be playing the role of 'rogue time agent' after all. But that's old news - what can we expect to see from the Torchwood team come the start of year two? How have they move on from the emotional rollercoaster that was "End of Days"?

GARDNER: We’re a regenerated series and we hit the ground running. We’re not hanging onto any of that cross over angst where we were at the end of season one. We’re just moving forward.

Finally, a question about John Barrowman's sexuality, and how this impacted on both the casting and development of Captain Jack Harkness...

iF: John Barrowman your leading man on TORCHWOOD is very open about his sexuality; did that ever effect any choices you make for the character because he might be more willing to go places that other actors aren’t as comfortable with?

GARDNER: No, not even remotely. If you’re a good actor, you’re a good actor and you do what is require for the truth of the character. Someone’s personal sexuality does figure into any choices you make for a character. John’s an amazing role model in every single way, not just his sexuality, he’s an extraordinary leader of a troop of actors, he’s an extraordinary leading man, he’s huge fun and he’s so talented in so many areas. But, no an actor’s sexuality absolutely never comes into any choices you make.

Thanks to iF Magazine for the interview.
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