Saturday, September 08, 2007

America Comes Our Way

You hardly need reminding, but tonight sees the US premiere of Torchwood over on BBC America. Russell T Davies 'pilot' episode "Everything Changes" airs from 9pm. Even if you've seen the show already (legally or not) now's a good time to re-introduce yourself to Captain Jack Harkness, and show US TV Executives that British science-fiction can just be as good - and popular - as the stuff they produce themselves.

After Torchwood's finished there's a new edition of The Graham Norton show, and then a repeat of David Tennant's "New Earth" Doctor Who episode. All part of sci-fi Saturday (Norton's the biggest alien in that schedule!). You can visit BBC America's Torchwood page here.

Enjoy Torchwood America! You have no idea what's about to hit you...

Torchwood airs every Saturday @ 9pm on BBC America.
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