Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Totally Addicted

Like I said over at Sarah-Jane.tv (home of all the latest Sarah Jane Adventures spin-off news) news of Doctor Who's 2009 'gap year' is spreading wide and far, but fans of this very site are reminded to keep calm. We don't know if the announcement will effect Torchwood (or The Sarah Jane Adventures) in any way - so don't go presuming that Doctor Who's hiatus means that Torchwood has been cancelled beyond it's second season. Got that? Good, now where were we...?

James Marsters attended the DragonCon convention over the weekend and revealled a few more hints as to what to expect from his season two episode(s?). Over to you James...

"I’m sorry but the day that we were filming from the Hub, the Hub is a very expensive set, like probably at least two million dollars for that one set. It’s Huge, and it’s dirty because it’s all sprayed with all of this fake grime and stuff, and we got on there and I was, we were already shooting for a long time and I was kinda tired and they said ( deep voice) "Excuse me Mr Marsters but you can’t have tea on set" And I was like 'What !!??' Because I’m sorry, when you’re working twelve, fourteen hours a day the one thing you have to have is a caffeine source right here . I mean I’m sorry, I don’t need sleep, I do need coffee, and I became instantaneously incensed! “WHAT??”

I went up to the scenic designer I was like “so, I understand that you don’t want me to bring coffee on your set” And he just looked at me like I was a deranged person and he just goes “ No that’s ok, you can drink coffee” . And I ‘m still, I mean like we should be throwing coffee all over that set, cos it’s supposed to be grimy and it’s never gonna look more realistic than the last year that we film on it , cos then it’s gonna be really dirty man . But I don’t know why, I don’t know why they didn’t want that man but yeah that was kind of my experience on the first day of the hub. I was a jerk. I was a jerk that day. Is that honest? That’s honest?"

On his character:

"I cannot confirm or deny anything about my character on Torchwood. But I thought Spike was nasty, that was nothing, and they opened my eyes over in Wales I gotta say. I mean at first I was all freaked out cos this dude playing Jack, he’s like all sexy on the set and everything. And I didn’t really realise we’d be playing these Time Agent characters who’ll have sex with anything, like any thing with a hole! I’m serious.

And the first day I was like Freaked out “oh God help me” Then I got into my character and I got to understand my character and everything and the lead character Jack goes, he drives up in this beautiful red car and he goes “I almost did the car” And by this time I was totally comfortable with it and I knew that he was in character and I said “Well, that shiny metal is winking at you.. I’d do her too… where ‘d ya take her?” and he said “Up the gas station”. I mean like he didn’t really do that but I looked at the SUV and it’s like “ James” steady there .

But it’s like, yeah, that’s a very English show. Cut! Yeah I’m a little more I’m more comfortable with myself now."

James also hints that he may be doing another episode later in the series run, but can't confirm anything (because of his pesky manager!). Keep watching this page for all the latest.

UPDATE: Torchwood has won the "Best New Drama" category at the TV Quick Awards. Congratulations!
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