Sunday, September 16, 2007

Little Updates

There's nothing really big happening in the world of Torchwood right now - no major news breaking, or plot leaks, or John Barrowman appearences on Loose Women. With nothing to really report upon, it sure makes writing a blog like this hard work! So just bare with us over the coming weeks (ek, months maybe) as slow news season continues - as remains one of the internet's longest serving - and loyal - Torchwood fan sites.

Lets begin what little updates we have:

+ According to reports on the Outpost Gallifrey forums (which in turn come from the South Wales Echo) the music of season two will be created by the National Orchestra of Wales - who previously provided music cues for 2005's "The Christmas Invasion", including the jazzed up end theme. Torchwood's Ben Foster appears to remaining onboard as main composer.

+ BBC Three has started a repeat season of Torchwood's first series every Friday night at 9pm, following repeats of Doctor Who. "Everything Changes" aired on the 14th, and this coming Friday is another chance to see episode two, "Day One". The episodes are followed by their retrospective Torchwood Declassified documentaries.

+ According to one source Titan Magazines have now assembled the team who'll write and publish Torchwood Magazine every month. They're busy writing up a dummy issue of the 'zine at the moment, which they'll use to convince advertises and sponsers to endorse them. More news on who will front the magazine soon.

+ The first AfterElton vodcast is online, and you can watch it by clicking here.

And... er... that's about it. There's not much else floating out there in the Torchwood nebula right now. But when news does start to trickle through again, you can be sure will be the first on the scene to tackle it head on!
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