Monday, October 08, 2007

Jack's Foursome

Whoa, it's October already. To you that might not mean much, but to me it signifies that it's been a whole year since Torchwood debuted on British television - worse still, a whole two years since the show was first announced to the world on the BBC's Doctor Who site. Like I said, whoa. Doesn't time fly, and all that...

The last month of so have been news-lite on the Torchwood front I'm afraid, but updates are slowly starting to slip through the net once again - including this interesting snippet from today's Daily Star, which claims that Captain Jack (along with Sarah Jane Smith, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and current beau Donna Noble) will be assisting the Doctor once again next year - when the Time Lord comes head to head with the evil genius Davros. Personally I think the story seems a far fetched, but we'll see if it comes to fruition next July, won't we?

There's also a new interview with Chris Chibnall and Richard Stokes, courtesy of the Classic Horror site, where the pair talk about what we can expect from Torchwood's second season come 2008. An extract from the interview can be seem below; and you can read the article in full by clicking here.

"A very important part of season two is [Jack and Gwen's] relationship; how does it affect and how does it change their personalities. We have a lovely Toshiko episode in season two. I'm so excited. It's really great. Her emotional awakening that you see in season one plays into season two. [Owen's] got some great stuff in season two. I keep doing that, don't I? And then in season two - I'm not going to tell you, I'm sorry... In season two, [Ianto's] more central to operations. He's not just making the coffee. As good as his coffee is. You'll see more of him."

Meanwhile some bad news for any Woodies out there expecting their Torchwood 2008 calenders to come through the mailbox sooner rather than later. No, no I'm not talking about the UK's current postal strikes, but a delay in printing which means that the Torchwood calender will now be released in early November. But when it's got lovely pictures of the Torchwood cast, we know it'll be worth the wait, don't we?

Finally, the latest After Elton video podcasts are available for your viewing pleasure via the Dailymotion site. Click here to see Meredith and Michael's reactions to "Cyberwoman"; whereas this link will take you to the "Small Worlds" video.
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