Thursday, September 27, 2007

Black and White

Following hot on the heels on last season's "Small Worlds" PJ Hammond is returning to Torchwood next year to script his second episode - and he's been chatting to the SFX blog about what we can expect this time around:

“I really can’t say a lot, but it’s going to be terrifying. Not for those of a nervous disposition. It’s going to be so creepy. One thing I can say is that I’ve borrowed something from my Sapphire and Steel days. I think one of my favourite Sapphire and Steels was the one with Mr Shape going in and out of photographs. Torchwood takes this a bit further and it’s people coming out of moving films from the ’20s. There are some lovely ‘black and white’ people in it."

Sounds a little like the classic 'Who adventure "Nightmare of Eden" meets that old Red Dwarf episode "Timeslides" where Lister jumps through various points in history via projected slides. Sounds like an interesting enough idea, so roll on 2008!
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