Monday, October 22, 2007

T'was Many Moons Ago

One year ago today Torchwood debuted on BBC Three over here in the UK; with the double bill of "Everything Changes" and "Day One". We saw confussed Gwen Cooper investigate the mysterious Captain Jack Harkness, before slowly being drawn into his rather unique (and alien) world. Torchwood had launched.

I remember the night well; sat down with all the family in anticipation of what was to come. I felt - a little - like a member of the production team myself; after all I'd spent the best part of a year already blogging about the show, and knew practically everything there was to know about the forthcoming episodes. I felt like I had an ownership on Torchwood, and it felt very strange to be an ambassador for the show on launch night. The show wasn't just 'my little secret' anymore - there were thousands of Woodies out there!

The show was popular with my family (thank God!) Even the girlfriend appreciated the efforts of Jack, Ianto, et al. That's saying a lot considering that before then she'd hated everything about the Doctor Who universe. But she loved the 'Wood (perhaps I better rephrase that statement?!) Though she fell behind in her Sunday night viewings, we were there together to watch the two part series finale - and she kinda freaked out when I had a (huge) fanboy squee following the cliffhanger ending to "End of Days"!

Yeah, she broke up with me soon after...!

Thanks to everybody who entered my Torchwood (+1) competition - I'm going to read over all the entries tomorrow and decide the winners. For anybody who didn't enter, you can still post your Torchwood memories on this Facebook dot/TV discussion board, or by simply leaving a comment in the comments section below.

Happy birthday Torchwood!
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