Thursday, October 25, 2007

Three Cutdown?

Over the past month or so we've been hearing how the BBC are coming to terms with a lower than expected rise in the television license fee. So far the corporation has announced plans to sell its Broadcasting House and make substantial cuts to staffing in order to meet budget targets - but now it looks as though programming itself will come under fire.

Today's Daily Star reveals that the BBC want to cut the number of episodes in every new series of shows like Hustle, Spooks and Robin Hood - down from 8/10/13 to something like 6 episodes a year. I'm hearing from a number of sources - including somebody claiming to work for BBC Wales itself - that the BBC plan to cut down the number of Torchwood episodes - for the proposed third series - down from the typical 13 a year that we currently get to a mere 8.

Remember, nothing's been officially confirmed by the BBC regarding any of these programming cuts as of yet. Expect to hear some announcements over the coming weeks and months - and fingers crossed it won't affect Torchwood in any major way; or at all.

UPDATE: The BBC are apparently "discussing their options" with regards to all programming. There's various factors that must be considered when making a decision on a show's broadcasting future.

In other news John Barrowman will be performing on this year's Children in Need appeal. He joins Kylie Minogue, who's also singing on stage. There's also a short Doctor Who episode that features a return from Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor. Exciting, huh?
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