Tuesday, November 06, 2007

25 (More) Questions

As with last year's quiz, 25 more questions to keep you entertained until Torchwood returns to our screens come 2008!

1: What date will Torchwood season two launch?

2: When will we see the first trailers for the second series?

3: Will it still air Sundays, or will a new night become "Torchwood Night"?

4: Can you guess the episode titles?

5: Predict the ratings for episode one...

6: Will episode one have special preview showings in local cinemas like "Everything Changes" did?

7: Will the cliffhanger of "End of Days" (Jack's disappearence) be addressed?

8: Who utters season two's first line of dialogue?

9: Captain John (James Marsters) - will he return for more episodes?

10: How many men/women will Jack sleep with throughout season two?

11: Will any members of the Torchwood team hook up?

12: How many references to "Doctor Who" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures" will there be?

13: What brings Martha to Torchwood?

14: Gwen and Rhys - will it last?

15: Owen Harper; Weevil or not?

16: Will any Doctor Who or SJA monsters feature in the series?

17: Any deaths? If so, who?

18: Will any new characters (except Martha) join the team?

19: Do you think the series will end on a cliffhanger? And if so, what...?

20: Will Torchwood be recommissioned for a third season? How will Doctor Who's 2009 'gap year' affect its sister series?

21: Guess when series three would air...

22: Captain Jack; do you think he'll ever return to Doctor Who?

23: Do you think that Torchwood Magazine will be much cop? Will anybody not be buying it?

24: Who will write/draw Torchwood Magazine's comic strip?

25: Finally, a fun one, how many hours of television will shy and retiring John Barrowman appear on throughout the course of Torchwood 2's 13 week run (including Torchwood and Torchwood Declassified)?

It's roughly two months until Torchwood's expected return in the new year! So, get answering those questions, and post your replies in the comments section. Remember it's all for fun; how many will you get right?!
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