Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jack Brings Sexy Back

"More fun, more adventure, more warmth, more romance, more excitement. We've plussed everything!" Chris Chibnall reveals, in an interview with SFX Magazine (the latest issue is out now). "We were really pleased with the first series," he continues, "but there were things we thought we could finesse and tweak a little, things like more sense of humour, a little bit more heroism from the team, and not going dark all the time."

Chibnall expands, "It's like a kind of graphic equaliser - you fade up a couple of things and pull a couple of things down, but it's not like you put a new song on."

"We learn a lot about Jack, about all aspects of his life - more about the time agency, more about where Jack comes from. And he has [romantic] entanglements this year. I wish I could tell you who with, but you'll have to wait and see!"

Chibnall confirms that Bilis Manager won't be returning to Torchwood for its second series (but he could return in the future); Jack being the Face of Boe won't be addressed ("that's x amount of years in the future and the subject of speculation") and that Ianto's stopwatch will return...

Elsewhere in the magazine there's a review of the Torchwood series one DVD boxset. The show itself is given three out of a possible five stars, and the special features are marked 4/5. The review is by Chris Johnson. He seems pretty optimistic about the show's future quality...

There's previews of Smallville season seven (which guest stars James Marsters as the badass Brainiac); a chat with Heroes very own cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere; a look ahead to December's "The Golden Compass" movie; and interviews with both Kevin Smith ("Clerks") and Amanda Tapping ("Stargate SG1" and now "Stargate Atlantis" too!).

You can pick up SFX issue 164 in shops today, priced £3.99.
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