Wednesday, November 21, 2007

United States of Torchwood

BBC America confirmed yesterday that the second season of Torchwood will debut on the channel on January 26th. We're told that this isn't far behind the UK premiere, giving us the biggest indication yet on when the series will air on BBC Two...

The press release confirms several plot details [SPOILER WARNING!] that the team meet a WWI soldier who's been frozen in time; there's a rogue Time Agent (James Marsters' Captain John) and the team travel forward in time to the 51st century...

Torchwood year one continues on BBC America, with the next episode being "Captain Jack Harkness".

Meanwhile the lovely has updates on John's upcoming television schedule. The star will be appearing in the following shows over the next couple of weeks:

22nd November - Loose Women (ITV 1)
22nd November - Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two (BBC Two)
22nd November - This Week (BBC One)
23rd November - The One Show (BBC One @ 7pm)
25th November - The Big Questions (BBC One)

Barrowman's latest album, "Another Side", debuted at number 22 in last Sunday's album charts.

Finally, an apology. Filming on Torchwood's second series hasn't quite finished yet, despite what I wrote last week. Apparently taping continues until the end of November, so there's a good week and a bit left to go yet!

We all make mistakes; I just seem to make more than most! ;)
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