Friday, December 14, 2007

Evil Alien Mastermind Thwarted Illegally Entering the United States

According to the fine folks at Maniacal enemy of tranquility, harmony, and cute little puppies Davros was thwarted on his recent plans to visit the United States.

The Skaron megalomaniac had planned to appear in US stores not only in Remembrance of the Daleks: Special Edition, but also in The Complete Davros Collection boxset.

Davros was so stunned, that all he could do was maintain a slack-jawed look of shock before being escorted off of US soil to parts unknown.

The BBC indicated the reason Davros was prevented from entering the country as being for “clearance issues.”

Other BBC videos such as the upcoming Torchwood: Series One release on 1/22/2008 appear to be unaffected.

While his current whereabouts are unknown, rumors that Davros was sent to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba could not be confirmed
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