Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Talking Two

Kids today don't know the half of it! When I was growing up many moons ago, Doctor Who Magazine (still stuck in "the wilderness years") was a designer's nightmare. Half the magazine was still in black and white, and the page layout was a little too formal and rigid. Then, lo and behold, the series returns and Clayton Hickman gave the 'zine a right royal kick up the ass, and it finally forfilled much of its potential.

Today the latest issue goes on sale, and editor Tom Spilsbury has redecorated and given DWM a mighty fine (and swanky) new look!

Some Torchwood news from the pages of DWM issue 390...

1: Episode titles! Episode two is confirmed as being called "Sleeper"; episode three is "To The Last Man"; Four is, simply, "Meat" - and episode five is the long rumoured "Adam". A rundown of the episodes can be seen in all its glory below!

EP 1 - "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" (w. Chris Chibnall, d. Ashley Way)
EP 2 - "Sleeper" (w. James Moran, d. Colin Teague)
EP 3 - "To the Last Man" (w. Helen Raynor, d. Andy Goddard)
EP 4 - "Meat" (w. Catherine Tregenna, d. Colin Teague)
EP 5 - "Adam" (w. Catherine Tregenna, d. Colin Teague)
EP 6 - "Reset" (w. JC Wilsher, d. Ashley Way)
EP 7 - TBA (w. Matt Jones, d. Andy Goddard)
EP 8 - TBA (w. Joseph Lidster, d. Andy Goddard)
EP 9 - TBA (w. Phil Ford)
EP 10 - TBA (w. PJ Hammond)
EP 11 - TBA (w. Chris Chibnall)
EP 12 - TBA (w. Chris Chibnall)
EP 13 - TBA (w. Chris Chibnall)

2: Martha Jones appears in episodes 6 through to 8.

3: Recording on the 'new' audio adventures "Hidden" (by Steven Saville) and "Everybody Says Hello" (Dan Abnett) is now in the can. They'll be read by Naoko Mori and Burn Gorman respectively.

4. Executive producer Russell T Davies is profiled in a BBC Four interview later this month. In "Mark Lawson Talks To Russell T Davies" the writer's entire career is overviewed. It includes footage from Davies' influential "Queer as Folk" and Christopher Eccleston drama "The Second Coming" - proof of Davies impressive drama credentials!

5: Earth's other not-so-secret secret organisation, UNIT, will be returning in series four of Doctor Who. In Davies' own words, "Yes, they're back! Properly! We've seen UNIT now and then... but now they're centre stage!" Rumour has it that they're back in time to deal with those menacing Sontarans...

6: There's an interview with writer James Moran, who's scripted the episode "Sleeper" for series two. "[The threat they face] is something quite unusual. A lot of the fun in this episode is the surprise of things and not knowing where the hell the story's going. But the problem faced by the team is something they might not actually be able to solve; it might be too much to handle, partly because of the strength of it, partly because things are not quite as they seem." There's a rumour that this episode could feature a "terrorist cell"...

7: James also talks about his forthcoming Doctor Who episode, set in ancient Pompeii, and how he got into television writing in the first place. You can read more from James by pressing clicky clicky here. Enjoy!

8: Next issue promises a look behind the scenes on series two - despite the fact that Torchwood will by then have its own official magazine title! That issues goes on sale January 10th 2008.

You can revel the new issue of DWM now, priced £3.99.

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