Monday, December 03, 2007

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Thanks to SFX Magazine, we have an official episode title for series two, episode one at last! "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" is written by Chris Chibnall and guest stars former Buffy star James Marsters as Captain John Hart, a mysterious face from Captain Jack's past (or future, depending what way you look at it!).


The full review from SFX can be read here. It's an interesting read - it really does sound like the production team have listened to criticisms and tried their damn hardest to amend mistakes.

The Stage also reviews the series opener, and has several spoilers for that episode, and forthcoming second series episodes. You ready? Tom Price (PC Andy) returns in episode one. Gwen and Rhys are now engaged. Their wedding occurs nearer the end of the series (and will feature vampires, and Ianto saves the day). Alan Dale's character takes a keen interest in Martha Jones, and the fact she's travelled in time...

Oh, and according to the Stage episode 11 (thought to be the wedding episode) is described by Russell T Davies as "the script of Chris Chibnall's life". It's also said to be one of the darkest pieces of drama that RTD has produced in his entire career.

UPDATE! The Manchester Evening News Blog reviews episode one here and includes an interview with creator, Russell T Davies!

And on his own blog, series two writer James Moran talks about attending the press screening today at the Rex Cinema, and all the jolly nice people he met there too (at least he got invited! ;) ) He also teases us about his own episode...

Keep a lookout for more "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" reviews soon.

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