Monday, December 03, 2007

Kisses Included

Poking around the internet, a number of sites are reporting the news that Torchwood will be repeated with specially edited episodes, for a 'family' audience. Newsround reports the story - the first mention of Torchwood on those pages since news broke in October 2005 about the Doctor Who spin-off series. They report:

"We were aware that an awful lot of our audience love Captain Jack, but wouldn't able to see it," [Russell T Davies] said, "So the answer was - let's make a version for a younger audience!" The report confirms that the family repeat will air on BBC Two.

Meanwhile DigitalSpy has also picked up the story, reporting that Russell T Davies is keen for one fundermental element of Torchwood to remain. In regards to the show's hetrosexual and homsexual relations, the show's creator confirms "No, the kissing won't be removed" - it's a brave decision, but one that some corners of fandom won't agree with.

Chris Chibnall talks to SFX Magazine regarding the cuts: "We’ve been talking about it all year and it’s something the BBC were very keen on, to get the show out to a wider audience. Actually when we broke it down and looked at the episodes it was surprising how little we’d have to cut."

"Most of the stuff that we take out is stuff that children could imitate, and because we’re in a slightly heightened fantasy world, there is less stuff that imitatable. It’s all a question of cutting away at the right time, to be honest. It’s the same story, there’s not going to be any major differences. There were a couple of scenes where we shot differing versions of a line with swearing in it, but there’s not many instances - there’s not much swearing at all [in the new series]."

Finally, if you head on over to the official Torchwood site over on you'll notice a signpost telling visitors that the site is closed (for now) and due to open again tomorrow. Wonder what new content we're going to see. Wonder if it'll include any new episode titles...

Tomorrow it is!
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