Friday, December 07, 2007

Magnificent Blowfish

If you head on over to Firefox news right now there's an interesting (spoiler packed!) review of "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" - the first episode of Torchwood's second season. Like almost all of the reviews I've seen so far is massively positive about the episode, in particular the character development, James Marsters as Captain John Hart and the opening scene's alien blowfish. January can't come soon enough!

The BBC today issued a press release covering all programming between 5th and the 11th of January, and Torchwood was absent from the list; further cementing rumours that the show returns Wednesday 16th January, at 9pm. There were mumblings a while back that episode two would air immediately after on BBC Three, but we'll have to wait and see if this does indeed happen. The press release covering the 12th-18th January is released next Friday.

Finally, John Barrowman is once again a guest on Jonathan Ross' Radio 2 show tomorrow morning. Make sure you catch the show for all the gossip on Torchwood II and Captain Jack's return to Doctor Who next year!
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