Wednesday, January 09, 2008

C'mon, throw me a frickin' bone here...

So, the fine folks at BBC America sent out an email to those of us dedicated fans who are on their "Cult" mailing list... Could they tell us any more about the show? Of course not... Could they tell us anything at all? Could they even update the website that says Torchwood premieres on September 8th... Arrrgh!

Let's face it, us Americans just aren't getting any love here, between the BBC blocking access to the website and BBC America's tight-lippedness... It almost makes me wonder if we Torchwood fans in the States need to start a mutual-support group...

But enough of my soapbox... for those of you who don't read the blog regularly, here's the "official announcement" as quoted from BBC America:

Torchwood Returns!
And it's bigger, sexier, and deadlier than ever before! Saturday, January 26th at 9pm et/pt.
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