Wednesday, January 09, 2008

SFX Does Torchwood!

All week long, SFX Magazine are dedicating their internet news service to Torchwood - in honour of the show's return next week! In the build up to series two they'll be posting interviews with key figures from the show's cast and crew, including Chris Chibnall, Richard Stokes and Eve Myles.

Already up are interviews with Kai Owen and Gareth David-Lloyd.

“Rhys just gets a little bit curious and he sees something that sparks his inquisitive side, and he just might do a bit of detective work... but the consequences are not what he expected. He didn’t expect to find out what he actually does find out.” Kai Owen explains, about his character development this year, “I think I’m in about nine, ten? Unfortunately I’m not gonna appear in anything that Martha Jones is in. So I’ve got a few off there.”

As for every fan girl's favourite, Mr. David-Lloyd, aka Ianto...?

"Since the Cybergirl episode, Ianto was recovering and he spent a lot of the first series being in grief, and just towards the end it just started to relax a bit more. But now we've rejoined Torchwood and they've had to struggle on without Jack for a while before Jack returns, they're so close and together and they really rely on each other and care for each other. But he's just more relaxed."

The Chris Chibnall interview is now available to read, too! And there's a hint of a cheeky Doctor Who reference to boot!

"The main crossover is obviously Martha coming in, but other than that there’s pretty much nothing. Well, there’s a glimpse of one, very cheekily. Literally in one scene there’s a glimpse of a very, very obscure Doctor Who monster." Hmmm...

The next issue of SFX Magazine hits news stands next Wednesday, priced £3.99
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