Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dark Talk

There we go, Torchwood II has launched - and already we've got to see a rather sexy side to James Marsters, not to mention a brand spanking new series trailer. So; how was it for you?

Calm down; take a deep breath in, and visit the official Torchwood website for some exclusive new content - including the first part of a new series long game where you (yes, you!) can become a member of the Torchwood team, and help investigate mysteries and crimes around the city of Cardiff.

Still a skeptic? Perhaps this fictional website, set within the Torchwood universe, will convince you that those pesky alien threats are real. And Elvis is still alive too, aparently. Dark Talk; a name you should probably watch out for, I'm assured...

There's also a chance to watch John Barrowman's video diary for episode one by clicking here.

News updates should follow pretty regularly; including overnight ratings, expected tomorrow!
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