Thursday, January 17, 2008

So, how did you do?

Outpost Galifrey has posted unofficial overnight figures for Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. They are reporting that ."an audience of 3.7 million viewers [tuned in, which amounts to] a 14.8% share of the total audience." They go on to state that the premiere of Torchwood Series 2 "was the highest rated on BBC2 for the day and the 18th most watched on all television."

In an unrelated note, the land of Torrents was all abuzz last night with Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang airing at 4:00pm eastern time. Americans were downloading the episode (as generously and faithfully vidcapped by "Mad Martha") by the thousands...

For the full article on the British ratings, take a stroll over to Outpost Galifrey here.
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