Monday, January 07, 2008

The Final Countdown

In just over a week's time Torchwood's gonna be back on our television screens! To celebrate, I've updated our dot/TV Facebook group, and have added a selection of new photographs from episode one, "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang". They show Captain Jack squaring off against former lover, Captain John (played by James Marsters).

I've also created a new branch of the Discussion Board, where you can countdown the final days till the show's return. And then, next week, I'll add a post-episode discussion section all about "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" - a place for you to leave your thoughts, opinions and reactions about what you've just seen on screen. A new section will be added after the transmission of each new episode.

You can visit the full dot/TV group (and join it, too!) by clicking here.

In other (proper) news, it looks like the first issue of Titan's Official Torchwood Magazine will hit shelves on January 24th, although copies are bound to make themselves available way before then...
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