Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hint Here, Tease There

Like I've been saying for an eternity now the latest issue of SFX Magazine features a seven page spread on the new series of Torchwood. The writer, Ian Berriman, visited the set back in October, during the recording of episode nine, which [SPOILER ALERT!] is the day of Gwen Cooper's wedding, although things don't go quite to plan for poor old Gwen...

There's interviews with most of the show's major players, including Chris Chibnall, Richard Stokes, John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd. Chibnall discusses some of the lessons learnt from that first series: "I think it's very hard when you're making a show out of order... the only time you really know, that you see the characters, is when it's broadcast. When it was broadcast we thought, yeah, we'd done a little too much [in-fighting]."

Parental advisory as John Barrowman talks stopwatches, specifically those belonging to Ianto. "What I'm saying," John tells Berriman, "Is if you had a stopwatch and you clicked the timer, it's to see how quickly you could... Come on! Do I have to spell it out for ya? They're probably beating the baloney to see who can spurt quicker! Like you've all never done it!"

Chibnall teases us on what to expect throughout the series' 13 episodes...

1: "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
Written by Chris Chibnall, Directed by Ashley Way
"Guest starring the one-and-only James Marsters. Also featuring our first on-screen depiction of the infamous rift."

2: "Sleeper"
Written by James Moran, Directed by Colin Teague
"Script editor Brian Minchin tipped us off about James Moran, having seen his movie Severance. This is James's fast, funny and thrilling first television script."

3: "To the Last Man"
Written by Helen Raynor, Directed by Andy Goddard
"It incorporates a hospital shifting in time, a soldier named Tommy and some never-before-seen Torchwood employees."

4: "Meat"
Written by Catherine Tregenna, Directed by Colin Teague
"When Rhy's job collides with Gwen's, the couple's lives become more complicated than ever. [It] gives Kai Owen a starring role."

5: "Adam"
Written by Catherine Tregenna, Directed by Andy Goddard
"It's a story that puts the team, and Rhys, through the wringer, offers our first glimpse of the Boeshane Peninsula and asks: do our memories make us who we are?"

6: "Reset"
Written by JC Wilsher, Directed by Ashley Way
"Freema Agyeman joins Torchwood for three episodes, starting with this conspiracy thriller which has far-reaching consequences. All this and Alan Dale."

7: TBC
Written by Matt Jones, Directed by Andy Goddard
"A dark and scary tale pits Torchwood against their most terrifying adversary to date. Plus, more Weevils than you've ever seen and a derelict church packed with all manner of creepy stuff..."

8: TBC
Written by Joseph Lidster, Directed by Andy Goddard
"Richard Briers bit our collective hand off to play Parker, a dying recluse who has something that Torchwood want."

9: TBC
Written by Phil Ford, Directed by Ashley Way
"A fun filled romp with a dark edge. At a very important Cardiff wedding, not every guest has been invited."

10: TBC
Written by PJ Hammond, Directed by Jonathan Fox Basset
"A spooky circus; a reel of film that won't stop playing; and a serial killer in Cardiff. Bizarre and unsettling, this guest stars Julian Bleach and Camilla Power."

11: TBC
Written by Chris Chibnall, Directed by Mark Everest
"Gwen's old colleague, PC Andy, badgers her to take on an unsolved police case. Tom Price is so good, we wanted to see more of him."

12: TBC
Written by Chris Chibnall, Directed by Jonathan Fox Basset
" Featuring a pterodactyl, brain surgery, industrial espionage and Captain Jack Harkness in a cape."

13: TBC
Written by Chris Chibnall, Directed by Ashley Way
"In which old wounds are reopened, new wounds created and punishment is meted out."

The new issue also features a retrospective on 1980's "The Empire Strikes Back", a look behind the scens of ITV's "Primeval", an interview with Joss Whedon regarding his latest project - "Dollhouse", and a look at mystery film "Cloverfield".

SFX issue 166 is on sale now, costing £3.99.
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