Monday, January 21, 2008


EDIT: a preview for this weeks episode, Sleeper can be seen here. Its from the BBC official youtube site though, so access may be restricted to the UK - apologies for that.

There is also news on Declassified at the official BBC Torchwood site here.
Ep 1 will be shown Weds 23 Jan, 7.50, BBC2 and features a 'blow by blow account' of the fisticuffs betixt Captains John & Jack as well as the writers and producers talking about Captain Hart.
Ep 2 will broadcast Thu 24 Jan, 7.50, BBC2 and goes behind the scenes on blowing up Cardiff .. sort of. I remember that being on the news last summer as they thought the explosions were real for a while!

Sadly, due to being rough as a .. rough thing and not wanting to go out in the constant downpour Cardiff suffered over the weekend, I didn't get out to do a location report on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang yet ... but I will and know exactly what I want to show you!

Other news on Sleeper can be found at James Moran's blog (he wrote it, its the child of his brilliantly twisted mind). Believe me, its a blog that's well worth bookmarking!

And further teasing on future events can be found over at Digital Spy
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