Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Several online retailers have dispatched early copies of John Barrowman's autobiography, titled "Anything Goes", to those folk who placed their pre-orders nice and early. Severeal branches of Waterstones have the book instore, so try having a look and see what you can find! The book should be released across the UK at the end of this week.

If you live in Birmingham, then make sure you head on over to Borders in the Bull Ring shopping centre this coming Thursday, because John Barrowman will be there from 11am, pen posed to sign copies of the "Anything Goes" book (and maybe a few bras too...) If you can't make the Thursday appointment, you could always order a signed edition of the book here.

In other news, subscribers have been sent their copies of Titan magazine's new Torchwood publication. The Official Magazine is due to be released on Thursday, and it features a brand spanking new Torchwood comic strip - "The Legacy of Torchwood One" - which, according to this blog, "sees a figure from Ianto’s past reappear in Cardiff, causing fear and havoc for the entire team." The comic strip is edited by Steve White (who also works on the Transformers series).

Today also saw the release of the latest Radio Times, which covers all of next week's television schedules, including episode three of Torchwood's new season, "To the Last Man". "This sweet and sad man-ut-of-time tale from Doctor Who script editor Helen Raynor is a vast improvement on the gaudy opening brace of episodes," writes reviewer Mark Braxton, "It's slow and engaging, and delightfully acted by the two leads. When the characters come first, Torchwood can hit the spot."

The guest cast for "To the Last Man" includes: Anthony Lewis (playing "Tommy"), Roderic Culver ("Gerald"), Siobhan Hewlett (Harriet"), Lizzie Rogan ("Nurse") and Ricky Fearson ("Foreman"). The edited version of the episode airs Thursday 31st January, at 7pm. It's followed by the third Torchwood Declassified.

From tomorrow evening Torchwood goes head-to-head with E4's latest American import series, the comedy/supernatural "Reaper" (Kevin Smith directed tomorrow's pilot episode). Though both series occupy the 9pm slot, "Reaper" is repeated on E4 + 1 at 10pm, for those who want to watch both shows.

Some news we missed...

The first episode achieved an Audience Appreciation figure of 84 (the average is just 77; above 85 is considered "excellent"). You can view "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" again on the official website, thanks to the BBC's impressive iPlayer.

Last Saturday afternoon BBC Radio Wales aired the first part of a new, infrequent behind the scene series, "Torchwood All Access", and it's available to listen again on the Radio Wales website over the next few days. Julian Carey hosts.

There's a brief interview with writer Chris Chibnall here.
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