Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Preview: Episode Two

What's it called?


Who's it credited to?

James Moran, writer ("Severance") and Colin Teague, director ("Ghost Machine", "Greeks Bearing Gifts")

What do we know?

Aliens walk the Earth - sleeper soldiers preparing to invade the world. Jack and the team investigate, after a burglary goes horribly wrong...

Major guest stars?

Nikki Amuka-Bird (who you might have seen in "Five Days" and "The Whistleblowers") plays Torchwood suspect, Beth. Paul Kasey makes an appearence as a Weevil, and Kai Owen - still not a regular, apparently - plays Rhys Williams. Somebody give him a promotion!

Reviewing the reviews

The Radio Times review makes for a very dry read, and it's not clear if the reviewer enjoyed what he saw or not. There's evidence both ways. Meanwhile most other reviewers (especially DigitalSpy) seem in the "it's great" camp.

When's it on?

Tonight, on BBC Two at 9pm. It's repeated at 11:25pm over on BBC Three, and then tomorrow (again on BBC Two) from 7pm.

What about America?

"Sleeper" is scheduled to air on BBC America on Saturday 2nd February from 9pm. The BBC America schedule can be found here.

You can also catch the show in High Definition - on HD-Net - February 18th.

Look to the future...

Next week's episode is "To the Last Man" and sees Toshiko meeting her ideal man - but he's more Austin Powers than your traditional metrosexual. Then, in "Meat", the secret is out as Rhys dicovers the truth about Torchwood...

Excitement level?

**** - I liked "Severance" a lot, and if the episode is half as funny as his blog, then James Moran should deliver us a treat.
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