Tuesday, January 01, 2008

(Not) End of Days

We made it; we survived 2007, the year that Torchwood wasn't. A year that, one year ago, seemed like it would last forever, because - barring the New Year's Day double bill finale of "Captain Jack Harkness" and "End of Days" - saw no new episode of Torchwood broadcast. Remember when we learnt that the show wouldn't be back until Jaunary 2008 at the earliest? Ooh, the fan anguish! We had twelve months to wait, and that really wouldn't do.

Twelve months on from Captain Jack's mysterious exit from the Hub, and we're now just weeks away from the show's return - a return we've waited so very long for. Enjoy the ride these next few months; we've got all sorts of things coming our way. Returning companions. Ex-time Agents. Soldiers (and quite a few of 'em!). Wedding crashers. Weevils. And poodles, too - but that's one for Captain John to enjoy.

Have a great New Year's Day, and stick with Torchwood.tv throughout 2008 for all the latest news on Torchwood series two, and beyond!
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