Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Obligatory Toshiko Episode

More news from the BBC Press Office, regarding episode three - "To the Last Man", which by all accounts is very much a Toshiko episode. And yes, like last year's "Greeks Bearing Gifts" the omens are that she'll fall in love, only to have her heart broken (again). More?

"Toshiko falls for a handsome soldier trapped out of his time, who unwittingly holds the key to saving the world, in this week's instalment of the award-winning drama created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies.

With an old hospital haunted by ghosts from 1918, a crisis foreseen by Torchwood 90 years ago is about to reach its climax. Time zones are colliding, but, with life-and-death decisions to be made, will Torchwood be able to stop an explosive end for the city of Cardiff?"

"To the Last Man" airs Wednesday 30th January, at 9pm.
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