Friday, January 11, 2008

What Americans are missing out on....

Hold on, Rob's getting ready to go on a rant...

Question: Who made $25 Billion (US) last year, and is keeping over 24 million Americans from watching Torchwood the way it was filmed?

Answer: Comcast, America's largest cable provider, that's who.

If you have Comcast, and many of us do, you won't be able to see Torchwood in HD, because Comcast refuses to carry HDNet, everywhere in the US except for some odd reason, Houston, Texas.

Not to knock BBC America, they're truly awesome, but they are not as of yet a High Definition broadcaster, so not only do they edit Torchwood for language, but they also have to chop down the actual audio and video quality as well as aspect ratio to be compatible with the Standard Definition (NTSC) televisions in the United States... Bottom line, folks with Comcast aren't just missing all of the picture, but all of the quality and sound as well.

HDNet provides Torchwood in HD to both the US and Canada, and will reportedly begin showing Series 2 in all its 1080i, 5.1 Surround Sound glory on February 11th.

If you have Comcast, join me in contacting them and demanding HDNet on your cable dial.

OK I'm off my soapbox now... :)
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